Personality analysis

Extensive analysis of personality, including mental abilities and motivation for job seekers, students of secondary and higher education, or just anybody, who's yearning for self-discovery and self-improvement.


Creating effective and capable working groups, or teams. We classify applicants for the positions based on their personality and mentality as follows: executor, critic, leader, innovator and manager.

Signature verification

The graphologist confirms or refutes the authenticity of the signature. The analysis can be used as evidence in court proceedings only with the consent of the graphologist.

Career choice

Counseling for students who are uncertain about their range of interest or people dissatisfied with their profession, who are just about to change their field of expertise.

Partnership relations

Analysis of two manuscripts and their comparison. Reveals the common characteristics, personality traits and points out the potential problems in the relationship.

Quick Analysis

Short description of personality, exploring 3-5 extra features according to client's will.
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About us

The company name refers to our commitment to combine two different areas together, and thus automate graphology to the highest possible level. Thanks to this synergy we can deliver the highest quality services to our clients and not just in Human Resources. We are a dynamically developing and flexible company, open to innovative ideas and collaboration with companies operating in either the same, or complementary areas.
Dynamic collaboration:


Meet The Founders

Mátyás Bathó

Mátyás Bathó


Mátyás Bathó is one of Grafomat’s two founders. In 2013, he became a certified graphologist and member of the  Association of Hungarian graphologists in Slovakia. That same year he founded Grafomat with the purpose and vision to offer people the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Attila Večerek

Attila Večerek

IT Developer

Attila Večerek is responsible for the automation processes of graphologic analysis and services’ delivery to our clients. With a strong background in web development on multiple platforms utilizing varied technologies that are client and industry specific. As a long-term goal, he considers the cooperation with the leading companies in the field of HR.