Typology of Ursula Affemann


  • more likely to stay in the background
  • average performance
  • skills’ development –
  • poor motivation, less energetic
  • need for appreciation, encouragement
  • effective at routine work
  • goes along with the authorities

It is more difficult to motivate and inspire executers, as they don’t seek self-fullfilment in their job. They are not very creative or adaptive, as they don’t intend to develop their skills. They’re a bit afraid of independent and responsible work but if they get precise instructions, suddenly, it makes no problem to complete the tasks. Executers are also satisfied with the leadership and work that requires routine. They don’t drive forward, nor block the creative workflow concerning group projects.



  • mentally weel-balanced and responsible person
  • diligence, self-control, reliability
  • perseverant, methodical
  • reasonable, rational
  • can bear with monotony
  • rapid adoption and transfer of knowledge
  • diplomatic, good negotiator

The color blue has been assigned to leaders. He knows his duties, is responsible, reliable and conscientious. Can be characterized by persistent and methodical implementation of work, who can even bear with monotony. He’s a balanced person who is sufficiently objective, critical and does not let emotions to overtake him.



  • mental flexibility (adaptability)
  • encourages work
  • optimism, positive attitude
  • comprehensive strategic planning
  • practical application of theoretical models
  • quick and efficient troubleshooting
  • conflict-free cooperation with others

This personality is characterized by diversity, mental flexibility and high intellect. It is an active, flexible and adaptable personality that is aware of the situation and is always on top of the things. He’s got good organizational skills. Capable of complex planning and easily resolves problems. He’s optimistic, his positive attitude inspires other team members, acts as a catalyst. Has the potential to become a good leader.



  • creativity, playfulness, charisma
  • flexibility, fast response
  • skills’ development +
  • able to establish contacts easily
  • confident demeanor
  • desire for appreciation, showing off
  • fails at routine/dull work

Violet is full of imagination, ideas and it’s an innovative person that responds quickly and is extremely flexible. This person embarks on board even in risky situations. As a leader, he often makes impulsive decisions. Innovators are not well organized and do not control their work often. They can’t cope with monotonous or administrative tasks and may also have trouble getting a steady long-term performance. They’ve got high demands regarding their own progress and self-realization. The position of being the focus of attention suits them very well. Innovators are in need of appreciation in order to stay motivated. They like meeting new people, but are less adaptable.



  • lower emotional intellect
  • prone to start conflicts
  • dissatisfaction, criticism, cynicism
  • detail oriented, perfectionist
  • ability to depersonalize its thoughts

The critic is a detail oriented, dissatisfied perfectionist person. He doesn’get excited easily for an idea and therefore he’s able to depersonalize his attitude and quickly find the hidden pitfalls and alert the group. No problems with expressing his opinion, which is often critical, thus he must pay attention to the way of communicating his opinion. That’s why he can easily insult someone and thus starting a conflict. In a position of leader critics may behave arrogantly.

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