Are women better leaders?

On the event Profesia Days we have analysed about 180 handwritings. We’ve played around a bit with results, created some nice charts and in the end we’ve found out some interesting facts about our visitors.

One of the examined questions was if women are better at leadership. The results partially confirmed that statement. We say partially because 180 analysis is not a representative amount to claim this statement being true in global. But with certainity we can say that our female visitors have been a little better leaders than our male visitors. This follows from several charts, that you can find on one of our public pages of our information system with some explanation.

The statistics’ results show that women are on average approx. 5% better leaders than men. They were also found to be better executors, in turn our male visitors were more creative by 6% on average. There are two personality types left we were examining – manager and critic. The statistics show there a seamingly equal result.

And why are women actually better leaders? This issue will be detailed in a future article.

More detailed statistics of Profesia Days 2015 handwriting analysis’ results with some nice charts 🙂

Image source: Commons Wikimedia

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