Požiadavky na rukopis

Formal requirements for the sample manuscript

What requirements should comply with the manuscript handed over for analysis?

We request from the client to write a spontaneous, continuous text likewise to a letter (not copied, nor dictated) onto an unlined paper of an A4 format with a ballpoint pen, including a title (salutation) and signature. We recommend not to use any tool to help you write in straight lines as it distorts the results of the analysis.

There are couple of things that a graphologist can’t detect. So we ask the clients to send us the following information (the more a graphologist knows about the client, the more precise analysis can be done):

  • age, gender, active hand (the one you write with)
  • highest completed degree of education
  • use of glasses (and how strong)
  • physiological disorders, respectively injuries
  • emotional state of mind during writing the manuscript (e.g.: grief)
  • writing conditions (prone position, sitting at a table,…)

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